Today, growing up in Camden, NJ, there are more adversities than advantages. It is much easier for the youth to take an unpromising route because there is few if any activist providing insight on opportunities for success. The initial reaction to viewing these issues is how can positive change be implemented and accomplished. With the proper support and resources I have envisioned and started forming micro (Blossom) and macro (Flower Pot) solutions. My goal is to be the change I want to see and provide opportunities that I missed to others. As I continue to “Blossom” I have realized that encouragement goes a very long way, more than some would be willing to credit. Having a strong support system and individuals that believe in you will help maximize one’s potential. Truer words have never been spoken when they say “it takes a village” teachers have a whole classroom, parents have jobs but collectively being able to give the youth that one on one time could definitely aide in their futures and success.

Our goal is to create a positive environment for girls ages (7-19). Promoting education, financial awareness and a place to call home. We purpose is to provide programs and workshops that will help shape them into successful adults. We are targeting misguided girls of Camden City, who are experiencing unique challenges and need special assistance.

Our mission is to provide real life experiences to bring about the development and growth of young flowers.

 Our vision is to challenge our young flowers to look within themselves for the answers to life challenges. By stimulating their talent, learning cognitive thinking, and responding to the world through positive emotions. Through applying these principles in real life experiences our young flowers will develop and grow into their full potential.