Mission, Vision and Values

Group 14 (1)MISSION

The Flower Pot is a non-profit organization founded in 2017. The premise of this program is to serve young girls in the city of Camden, NJ. Young ladies ages 7-19 have the ability to join the program where they will be partnered with a mentor to work on personal and professional development.


The Flower Pot’s goal is to provide personal growth through real life experiences that help shape them into adults. The Flower Pot intends to accommodate each flowers specific needs to assist them into growing into their full potential with the proper care from their gardener (mentor). At TFP we believe that lack of leadership, lack of knowledge, and loss of standards amongst females, is the root of social challenges one of which is producing unproductive citizens.


The Flower Pot has created a curriculum that focuses on helping girls build leadership skills like self-reflection, critical thinking, decision making, goal setting, clear communication and personal accountability. As a result, our flowers become aware of their full potential and begin to grow gracefully. It is our hope that our newly enrolled flowers will see the program through and opt to return to the program as a gardener to continue to cycle of success, commitment and accountability.